Machine Learning
by Moody’s

Moody’s has leveraged its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise to develop a platform for rapid model deployment and product development. Introducing MLFabric, machine learning at scale.
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Code Once, Deploy Fast, Use Anywhere.

MLFabric is a cloud-based platform that operationalizes machine learning models allowing users to deploy and reuse at scale. Created in the Moody’s Accelerator to enable product teams to develop AI-enabled solutions, it is now available as a models-as-a-service platform.
Template Library
Bringing our new tech-enabled solutions to market even faster.
Code Reusability
Partnering with the most exciting innovators and industry leaders alike.
Monitoring & Alerts
Leveraging emerging tech to enable new solutions that enable clients to work smarter.

MLFabric Benefits

Custom model components that can be reused across multiple products
Serverless Deployment
Compose custom applications by mixing and matching models
Microservices Architecture
Custom model components that can be reused across multiple products
Click-to-deploy service catalogue
Offers robust monitoring and metering for deployed models

Moody’s Solutions Leveraging MLFabric

Key Highlights

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